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How to increase conversion on your E-Commerce store Just by words??

What do you see when you first visit an E-Commerce website to purchase a product??


Attractive photos of products, incredible good prices, and many buttons to explore.

But what is that one thing that leaves much impression??

 No doubts here,


It is the copy that captures the attention of your customer. Bold, funny, surprisingly relatable, and full of personality.

A good copy can double, or even triple conversion rates.


“When I write an advertisement, I don’t want you to tell me that you find it creative. I want you to find it so interesting that you buy the product.”

David Ogilvy 

The Benefits of Copywriting for E-commerce

  • It defines who you are: While you are building a brand you need to create a personality of your brand and products that your customer cannot walk away. That is how you make a mark among millions of other online businesses out there.
  • It can boost sales: Slow but steady, e-Commerce copywriting has a very good impact on your sales. You can enjoy dramatic increases in conversion rates after focusing on improving the copy of their sites.
  • It helps you identify your customers/audience: Who are you trying to sell to? Your copy must appeal to your original customer base. Your copy should seek to solve problems that are unique to those personas and from there to attract more alike people.
  • It informs customers: When a customer visits your site, they should leave with more useful information than when they arrived. The best way to deliver that is through rich copy. You need to accurately describe your products, give the customer insight into your company’s history
  • It improves your site’s SEO: If you want your business website to rank well in search engine results, you need a search-engine-optimized copy. The better your copy, the better SEO is, and overall that is how you climb to the top of the search results.

How to master copywriting for E-Commerce

  • Remember who you’re writing for
  • Harness the power of brand storytelling
  • Write magnetic headlines
  • A copy with a good Call-To-Action (CTA).

Try this strategy below to make your copywriting even better.


Appeal to the audience’s emotions


Now, that you have already researched your customer, you have to hang out in their community and know what they are talking about, their pain points, their needs, and how your product is going to help them minimize or solve their problems.


Take another step and understand what they would be doing when visiting your shop, so you can use a copy to persuade them to take action.


Try using “trigger” of powerful words to attract their attention right the way.


Create a story

Come up with a compelling Stories about your brand, now you need to have elements of that story throughout all of the copy on your website.

Let them immediately feel your original vibe of yours.


For Eg: If you specialize in handwoven sustainable fashion then write all about the handwoven technique and the effort that goes into making it on your about us page.

Let that reflect on all our product descriptions.


Edit and make it easy to Read.


Your eCommerce copy needs to be super easy to read, and even easier to understand because the audience has only attention of 8.25 seconds.


Make sure you don’t have any mistakes such as typos or grammar that bring dissatisfaction. GRAMMARLY is highly recommended to achieve grammar error-free copy.


Copywriting skills take time to develop. You need to put in the effort for an online store with excellent copywriting.

With not many compelling copies out there, you have the advantage to get ahead of your competition.